From maintenance utilities and image editing software to security tools and torrent clients, these are the very best free Windows apps. Pro Tools First is a limited version of the main Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD applications, but it’s still pretty capable in its own right. MAPCON has worked very hard to create a maintenance application that is both easy to setup and easy to use. Microsoft has added a new feature called Windows Hello to its newest operating system: it lets you log in using facial recognition, a fingerprint or even an iris scan, if your computer has the necessary hardware attached.

You can also use the two suggestions below to manage the audio of two devices at once, and choose which apps use which audio device. This is sort of like Windows 7’s snap to the side feature, though a bit more advanced. It appears this feature is new to Windows 10 (at least, it’s not available in Windows 7). It will probably only be useful to a narrow niche of user, but if you like to dig your virtual fingers into the innards of Windows via the Command Prompt , Windows 10 provides a ghostly way to interface with it.

57. Free Download Manager – As the name implies, Free Download Manager is free and manages downloads for your PC and lets you download files off the Web and save them on your computer. Scroll down and selectively turn off apps that you don’t want to hear from. Smart Driver Care’s addon tools such as Startup Manager, Registry Scan and Web Protection also make it a neat optimization and security utility for Windows.

If you are in the market for this sort of tool, the options here let you install a link to these tools either (a) in the All Programs menu, or (b) both there and in the right side of the Start menu. If you’ve read our review, then you’ll know we’re generally fans of the changes Microsoft has made, especially the return of the Start Menu and the surprisingly powerful Cortana integration. ColorTool – Set custom color schemes for the Windows Console with support for iTerm color schemes.

You might have noticed that each of the methods we mentioned here produces a slightly different list of programs. The release of Windows 10 marked a big visual overhaul for the world’s most popular desktop operating system, but Microsoft isn’t done tweaking the interface just yet. You will be able to record the screen as a whole and later get access to various after record editing tools like annotations, cutting, deleting, cropping, splitting, joining, blurring, freeze-frame, zooming and panning, animations, closed captions, voice-overs among others.

The menu brings up options to un-pin from Start Menu, resize the windows or even turn off the live tile. It’s also a useful backup tool so that if your PC or its hard disk dies, you still have all your files intact, waiting for you to restore them. Run from the Start Menu search box to start the Group Policy Editor. One of the most famous computer maintenance programs is CCleaner – and for good reason. So now when you tap a key to wake the computer, you may have to wait 30 seconds or so—not as fast as 2 seconds, but certainly better than the 5 minutes it would take to start up, reopen all your programs, reposition your document windows, and so on.

In Windows 8, you could close a Modern app by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen until it changes to a hand shape, then clicking and dragging the top of the screen downward to the bottom of the screen. However, this time when you would right click on the particular app, you need to select the option insert center”. The Tinytake is a simple application with a rich backlog that helps it compete favorably with other screen casting software.

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